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A reflection of my per‍‍‍sonality.


My name is Nina Sissel Lucka,
I am born in a small town in Germany with less than 1,000 residents and grew up in a three generations household. Living on the border to the Netherlands taught me very early how important it is to speak several languages.

To travel is one of my biggest passions and I try to visit at least 5-10 new places every year. Holidays isn't vacation to me. It's travel. My last journey took me through eight different cities in Italy within 7 days. My longest stay was in Boston, MA for 8 month and the toughest journey made me hiking acro‍‍‍ss Oahu, one of Hawaii's most beautiful islands.

In my free time I enjoy to cook a lot. Travelling  many countries you always bring home some recipes which flavors remind yo‍‍‍u of the taste of this new country you were allowed to discover.

I treat myself by taking 1-2 hours for my daily run every day‍. It gives you time to reflect and calm down which is essential to  keep focused and be efficient. I am also collecting un‍‍‍ique runs I did when I am travelling. One of my favorite runs is along the beach pier in Miami. Currently I am training to do my first half marathon which I will accomplish next spring.